Basic Definitions

Personal Data

Information that can be used to identify a person or any information related to that person comes under personal data.


Processing is the various operations that can be done on different sets of personal data.

Data Subject

The user whose data is being processed is known as a data subject.


A person under the age of 18 is considered a child.



Data Protection Principles

According to us, the processing of data should be lawful, transparent, and fair in every way possible. All processing done on our part is done considering the law. All user rights are kept in mind while processing personal data. Any and all information will be provided if requested by the user.

All processing activities are done just to achieve a specific goal. Processing activities are designed to exactly achieve the goal for which personal data was gathered. The amount of personal data gathered is minimal. No matter the goal, we only collect and work on a minimal amount of personal data.

Personal data is not stored for future use. The user’s personal data is deleted as soon as the processing is done. Ensuring the accuracy of the data is our goal.

We will maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the data as best as we can.

Data Subject’s Rights

Here are the rights a data subject has:

Right to information

This gives the user the right to any information they need regarding your data. Is your data being processed? What data is collected? Where did we collect the data from? Why and who is processing it?

Right to access

All users have the right to request access to data that has been collected about them. You can even obtain a personal copy of your data through this right

Right to rectification

You have the right to rectify or even delete your personal data that is incorrect or is incomplete.

Right to erasure

If certain situations arise, you can request the erasure of your personal data from our datasets.

Right to restrict processing

Under certain circumstances, through this right, you can stop the processing of your personal data from our end.

Right to object to processing

In certain cases like that of direct marketing, you can stop the processing of your data through this right.

Right to object to automated processing

If the outcome of any automated processing produces severe legal effects that are affecting you, this right can be exercised. You can object to automated processing, which includes profiling. You can use this right to object being a subject to processing done through automated means.

Right to data portability

You can have your personal data delivered in a machine-readable format. If it is feasible, you can also access the data from one processor to another via direct transfer.

Right to lodge a complaint

We will always provide a reason if your request for the Right of Access is denied. If you disagree with the reason or are not satisfied, you can contact us.

Right for the help of a supervisory authority

You have the right to all legal activities, such as claiming damages. You can also take the help of any supervisory authority.

Right to withdraw consent

Already given consent to processing your personal data can be withdrawn by your side.

Data We Gather

Information provided by you

All information provided by you for delivering any product/service like the email, billing address, name, home address. The data is saved so other activities on the website can be performed by the user.

Information collected automatically

There is some information collected to enhance the user experience. This information is automatically collected by cookies and tools that work every session. Any data from your shopping cart information, IP address, shopping history, etc., can be collected.

Information from our partners

Our partners share the information that you have provided them, or they have collected on their own following the law. We collect that information from our trusted partners, confirming the legal grounds that they can, in fact, share that information.

Publicly available information

Any information about you that is publicly available might be gathered by us.

How your personal data is used

Your personal data is used due to following reasons:
To provide our products/services, we need some personal information. We collect that information through registering your account. We are then able to provide you with a variety of services and products that we have to offer, any promotional items that you agreed to, communicate with you to enhance the user experience even more, and notify you of any changes we make to our services. Your personal data is used with your consent and keeping the legal grounds in mind.

On the basis of accepting a contract or after accomplishing contractual obligations, we process your data in the following ways:
Your data is used to identify you and then to provide services or offer products to you. Your data is also used to communicate with you for invoicing and sales matters.

Keeping your interest in mind, we process your personal data in the following ways:
We make and send you offers personalized according to your profile. Your personal data is used as a means of analyzing the audience’s purchasing behavior and history. This analysis is done to enhance the quality, variety, and other aspects of user experience.

Your data is processed with your consent in the following manner:
After accepting the offer, you are sent campaign offers and newsletters from our side or our selected partners’ side.

Some other purposes your data might be processed:
Some obligation that we have to fulfill due to law needs processing of your data. Personal data is also used for options provided by the law. We have the right to anonymize the personal data that was collected and to then use that data. If the data is used outside the scope of this policy, it will be ensured that it is anonymized. Billing information and other personal information are kept until needed due to accounting reasons or obligations provided by the law.

Your personal data might be used for some other purposes that will match the original purpose. However, these may not be mentioned here. All of the purposes will have the following characteristics:
The purpose, nature of personal data used, and the context all will be suitable for further processing. Your interests will not be violated by further processing, and a safeguard would be present for processing as well. Any extra processing and purposes will be informed to you by us.

Who can have access to your data except us

Sharing personal data with strangers is prohibited by us. For the purpose of providing partnered services or to improve user experience, we might share some personal data with our trusted partners. Our processing partners will ensure the highest level of protection to your data. When we are legally obliged, we will disclose your personal data to public officials or third parties. If you have given us the consent or if there are other legal grounds, we might need to disclose your data to third parties.


Children, i.e., people under the age of 18, are not the target of our services. We do not wish to collect any information from children.

Cookies and other technologies

For the purpose of administering the website, analyzing customer behavior, tracking customers’ movements, and collecting certain information about users, we use cookies. All of this information is used to enhance user experience through personalization and other means.

A tiny text file that stores information is stored on your computer. This file is known as a cookie and helps make certain functions of the website work. Only the website’s owners can access the cookies created by their site. Users can control the access of cookies from the browser they used to visit the site. However, disabling cookies may cause some issues accessing certain functions.

Cookies are also used for the following purposes:

Necessary cookies

Important features like logging in require the use of these cookies. No personal information is collected through these cookies.

Functionality cookies

These cookies are all for making the user experience more convenient and personalized. For example, if you’ve commented on the website, you’ll have to enter your email and name. These cookies make it possible so that you have to enter this information only once.

Analytics cookies

Performance and different uses of the website and services are tracked through this cookie.

Advertising cookies

Relevant advertisements are delivered to you through this cookie. They also help in limiting the number of times you will get an advertisement. Many advertising networks place these cookies with the website operator’s permission. These cookies then remember the sites that you’ve visited in the past, and then they share this information with other organizers, commonly advertisers.

Users can control stored cookies to some extent with the help of browser settings. Some privacy enhancement platforms such as and can help you control some 3rd party cookies. If you need more information on cookies, you can try visiting

Google Analytics is used to track traffic and other activities on our website. The privacy policy of Google can be found and reviewed here. You can opt out of Google Analytics by visiting the Google Analytics opt-out page.

Changes To The Privacy Policy

We have the right to make edits and changes to the privacy policy.
The last change to the policy was done on 5 December 2021.