Below mentioned are the Terms and Conditions that users must follow to use this service. The rights and obligations regarding how the service can be used by the user are set out in the rules detailed below.

Disclaimer Of Liability

Dog Show, owns and operates this website. The terms like “we,” “us,” or “our” are used to refer to the company. The Terms and Conditions will refer to Dog Show and its members, assignees, principals, agents, and affiliates in the above-mentioned manner. The company will offer this website and all its information only under the condition of the user accepting the mentioned Terms and Conditions. If you are accessing or using the Service in any manner or form, you are bound to follow the Terms and Conditions. If you don’t want to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, you may not use the Service in any manner. If you take any action regarding the website in any form, you will lose any complaint, and claim of any sort, any claims regarding damages, which includes economic loss but not limited to it. Any problems generated from any fault, bug, or defect in the subject code will not be entertained by the company. The company hereby disclaims any and all liability stemming from it. The company also has no say in the decisions and actions that third parties take in order to interact with facilitating the transactions or otherwise support the token. If due to any malicious activity, the code is compromised or results in the loss or destruction of the token, or somehow harms the user in any manner, the company is not responsible for it and hereby disclaims any and all liability from it.


The purpose of this website is to provide information, and hence, there is no need to provide any personal information of any kind. The company allows you to use the website without the need to create an account. If you send or forward any information to us through any means, your personal information will be kept confidential and not sold or leased to any third parties. If you encounter any problems with the token and decide to send us information regarding that, the company offers no promises to act on that information due to the absence of central office, customer support, and other means of communication.

Entertainment Purposes Only

The Dog Show Token is there entirely for entertainment purposes. There are no warranties or any kind of representations from the company that the token will be continued, maintained, or modified in the future. Anything that you choose to spend on acquiring the token, whether it be spending anything of value, swap, pledge, or sell, can be lost at any moment, and the company is not liable for it. The token is not offered as a private placement, securities offering, or any other form of investment by the company. Any expectation of a profit of any kind should be discarded if you decide to purchase the token. The success of the token in both future and present scenarios is not liable to the company. There are no specific sales, management, or marketing team to ensure the success of the token, and hence shouldn’t be relied upon. The company advises users to consult with financial advisors before investing in the Service or with the token. You must also accept the risk that you may suffer loss or damage, and it may occur due to the choices or decisions that you made with the token. The Company has no control over the support of the token in any manner. They cannot make decisions or give warranties regarding the third-party services situated anywhere in the world, no matter centralized or decentralized, supporting the token right now will continue to do so. This also includes making a market in the token or supporting the marketability or transferability of the token of any sort. The company is not liable for the distribution of the token in the market by any entity other than the ones the company holds at the time. We advise you to engage in activities through the service if you have the technical knowledge of cryptocurrency and understand its working. The company advises its users to get familiar with various characteristics of the token, especially regarding the tracking and transitioning of tokens.

The service is provided on an “AS IS,” “AS AVAILABLE” basis

No warranty of any sort is provided by the company, and the service is provided to any and all users “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE.” The company claims no warranty regarding any compatibility with certain software or systems. The company has no claims regarding any indeed results, and this can certainly mean that your requirements may not be met. On its own account and on behalf of all affiliates and their service providers and respective licensors, the company disclaims any and all warranties that were expressed, statutory, or implied. Any warranties regarding the service that includes the warranties of merchantability, usage or trade practice, title, and non-infringement, etc.

The company and all of the company’s providers claim no expressed or implied warranties regarding the following:

  1. Availability of the Service, information, materials or products included, or any content whatsoever.
  2. Service will be error-free and without any interruptions.
  3. Any content or e-mails sent on account of the Company are free of all viruses, timebombs, scripts, trojan horses, malware, and any other kind of malicious components.

Services may include links to third-party services or websites that are not part of the company, i.e., not owned by the company in any way. Terms and Conditions of these third-party links are not in control by the company and should be treated as entities separate from the company. If the use or reliance on these third-party services causes any loss or damage, the company cannot be held responsible. It is advised that users read the privacy policies of such third-party websites before accessing their services. Even if the company has been advised of the probability of incidental, special, indirect, or consequential damage, the company cannot be held accountable for any of the damages. This also includes any damages like loss of profits, business interruption, loss of data and other types of sensitive information, inability to use the service, third-party hardware or software that is being used with the service. Some exclusions that are mentioned above may not apply to you as some jurisdictions abolish the exclusion of certain warranties according to consumer rights. If that is the case, all limitations that were mentioned will be applied to the greatest extent possible under the law.

Governing Law/Permitted Users

The conditions mentioned are governed by the laws of the United States of America. The company can’t be held responsible for not following the laws of any other country than the one mentioned above. When you access the service, you are complying with the following rules:

  1. The user is not a citizen of a country that is subjected to the United States government embargo and isn't a citizen of a country that is designated as a “terrorist supporting” country by the US government.
  2. The user is not a part of a party that is prohibited or restricted by the United States government.

You also hereby consent that you are not an employer or hold any position within a governmental body. You also hereby represent that you are over the age of 18. The company does not provide its services to people under the age of 18.

Dispute Resolution

User and the company here agree that any dispute that is not resolved without legal interference shall then be presented before the court and follow the action enforced by them. The settling of any dispute will be conducted in compliance with the American Arbitration Association rules. The result then shall be interpreted and enforced in compliance with the Federal Arbitration Act and Federal Arbitration Law. If not required by the law for enforcement purposes, both parties may not disclose the results or award of the dispute. All dispute determination or ward shall be kept confidential from both parties.

The fees of administration will be divided between the parties. The expense of counsel, witnesses, presentation of evidence, and any other in-court activity shall be spent at each party’s expense. If the arbitration clause is rendered invalid due to any reason, both parties lose, to the extent permissioned by the law, all rights to follow any claims on any class or consolidated basis or in a representative capacity. After one year of the cause of action, no action can be taken against the Terms and Conditions by either party.

Company’s Use Of Tokens

Transactions in the Dog Show Token are subject to an amount of 10%. The 5% of the amount will be burned and reflected. The other 5% is dedicated to Pancake Swap Liquidity Pools or Uniswap pools and is then used to generate additional LP tokens. The company may withdraw an amount of the generated LP tokens for paying operating expenses and expenses like compensating team members.

General Provisions


If, due to some reason, the Terms and Conditions cannot be enforced, they will be interpreted in such a way that the objective of that provision is accomplished to as great an extent as possible.


If one party fails to exercise a right at some point, it will not affect a party’s ability to exercise that right after some point in time. The same goes for both requiring the performance of an obligation and breaches that constitute a waiver or to.

Original language

The language of the company is English, and these Terms were drafted in that language only. Any misinterpretation or risk of error in reading these terms in another language is on the user.

Changes To Terms And Conditions

The company does not guarantee the prices, product images, accuracy, or completeness of the information or services. The company has the right to change and update information without any notice. If you continue to use the Service after the changes in terms and conditions, you rebound to the new terms. You are allowed to stop accessing the services in case of disagreement with the services.

Changes To Terms And Conditions

The company does not guarantee the prices, product images, accuracy, or completeness of the information or services. The company has the right to change and update information without any notice. If you continue to use the Service after the changes in terms and conditions, you rebound to the new terms. You are allowed to stop accessing the services in case of disagreement with the services.


Promotional rules are separate from these terms, and any promotions available through the service are governed by the promotional rule. Participants of promotions are advised to read the promotional rules. Promotional rules will be applied in case of violation of these terms.

Intellectual Property

The original content and the provided services, along with its functionalities and features, will remain the property of the company exclusively. This exclusivity is protected by the copyright, trade, and other laws of the United States and other countries. Users shall not use the trademarks and trade dress without the consent of the company.